The Playlist for Life

By 24th June 2015All Homes

Kingdom Homes is a firm supporter of the ‘Playlist For Life’. If you haven’t heard of this, the ‘Playlist for Life’ is quite simply your life in music – the songs that remind us of special moments all gathered together and recorded onto a personal listening device.

Your First Dance – The Birth of Your Child – Family Holidays

We have seen in practice that not only can music be an invaluable reminiscence tool but it also has the potential to decrease anxiety and increase optimism. It is because of these properties that we promote the use of Playlist for Life’ within our care homes.

If you would like to make up a playlist for your relative contact the home’s Lifestyle Coordinator or Manager who will issue you with an information pack. Once you have made a list of approximately 10 songs/pieces of music, return this list to the Lifestyle Coordinator or Manager. You will then receive a working playlist consisting of two sets of head phones and one personal listening device downloaded with your chosen music – there is no cost. Once your relative has a playlist he or she can use it with a staff member whenever they wish and you can use it with them during your visit.

Pictured above is Jessie Campbell from Camilla House in Auchtertool listening to her Playlist.

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