Our Little Pony Friends

By 14th January 2016News

Residents and staff at Camilla House were thrilled by the visit of two little Shetland ponies to the home yesterday. Six year old Wilson and 7 month old Jack from Therapy Ponies Scotland brought huge smiles of surprise and delight to the faces of many residents. One lady, who had been having a nap in her chair, could hardly believe her eyes when she awoke to find Jack standing beside her.

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It’s not every day the lift door opens to reveal two ponies but they trotted in quite happily to visit some of the residents in their bedrooms on the first floor.


Both Wilson and Jack, who was on his first visit out to meet people as he is just starting his training, were impeccably behaved throughout the time they were in Camilla House and will be welcome back at any time.

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