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And The Winner Is………………………………….

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……………………………………… Alexander House in Crossgates – the winner of our pureed food competition. Their entry (above) received the most “likes” on our Facebook page and was declared the winner. Their prize will be an extra piece of equipment for the kitchen chosen by Colleen Duncan, the winning cook.

Here are some of the other amazing entries. Don’t they all look delicious?



Matinee Memories

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Kingdom Homes bus driver, Tom Slowey and passenger assistant, Morag McGeehan try to make journeys as interesting as possible for residents. Recently they “transported” their passengers from various of our care homes back in time to the golden age of screen legends. Photographs of stars from past decades adorned the inside of the bus with residents having fun trying to name all the screen idols.

Tom and Morag dressed up in 1940’s style cinema usherette costumes, complete with pillbox hats (which Tom managed to wear at a very jaunty angle!). Morag also wore a wig styled in victory curls – the fashion of the 1940’s. Morag offered sweets from her usherettes tray as she walked up and down the “isle” of the bus.

The residents recalled the names of the cinemas in their home town, most of which are closed now sadly. Willie from Lomond View remembered The Regal, The Troxy and Palace in Methil and Leven. Ina from Fernlea House recalled the Playhouse in Penicuik. “9d at the front or 1s 3d for the good seats.”

For Arthur from Methven House it was a real memory stirrer as he worked with 20th Century Fox and was involved with film distribution and recalled how some stars used to turn up at the office just to get paid he thought!




Boxes of Fun Ready for Distribution at Kingdom Homes

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A new set of Activities Boxes is currently being distributed to all of the Kingdom Homes care homes. Each care home is getting a box filled with around 20 different activity and therapy items. The contents have been specially selected to suit individuals of all abilities including our most dependant residents. Many of the items have been sourced from specialist dementia retailers or on advice from our dementia trainer, Susan Carney.

The boxes include

  • physical games like golf, toss and talk balls, basketball
  • craft magazines and easy stitch craft kits
  • Books, word puzzles, games, DVDs and CDs
  • Reminiscence activities including smell kits, recall cards, photo packs, historical newspapers and decade specific reminiscence packs
  • Fidget kits, therapies for active hands (see the lock box in the photograph), dolls and soft toys

The contents of each box is different and they will be swapped around our care homes on a regular basis so that there is always something different to take part in. The boxes have been put together to ensure that each has a PAL (Pool Activity Level as researched and developed by Jackie Pool) balance of activities and contains a PAL inventory explaining who should use them and how individuals will best benefit from their use.

PAL checklists completed with our residents ensure that everyone is offered activities tailored to their own abilities.

The Playlist for Life

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Kingdom Homes is a firm supporter of the ‘Playlist For Life’. If you haven’t heard of this, the ‘Playlist for Life’ is quite simply your life in music – the songs that remind us of special moments all gathered together and recorded onto a personal listening device.

Your First Dance – The Birth of Your Child – Family Holidays

We have seen in practice that not only can music be an invaluable reminiscence tool but it also has the potential to decrease anxiety and increase optimism. It is because of these properties that we promote the use of Playlist for Life’ within our care homes.

If you would like to make up a playlist for your relative contact the home’s Lifestyle Coordinator or Manager who will issue you with an information pack. Once you have made a list of approximately 10 songs/pieces of music, return this list to the Lifestyle Coordinator or Manager. You will then receive a working playlist consisting of two sets of head phones and one personal listening device downloaded with your chosen music – there is no cost. Once your relative has a playlist he or she can use it with a staff member whenever they wish and you can use it with them during your visit.

Pictured above is Jessie Campbell from Camilla House in Auchtertool listening to her Playlist.

For more information please visit