Alzeimers Scotland Conference

The event was held in Glasgow and was sold out weeks in advance. Yvonne Manson, manager of Roselea House and Hazel Dunsmuir, manager of Barrogil House attended the sell-out event, representing Kingdom Homes.  Here are Yvonne’s views on the day.

It was an early start to get through to Glasgow for the 9am start and it is safe to say I was pretty excited to get there and see what I could learn and most importantly what I could use in the future. There were a mixture of stands on arrival and my bag quickly filled with latest developments and policies, some bed-time reading for the next few months.

There were a lot of different speakers and some of my favourites were Yvonne van Amerongen who spoke about De Hogeweyk which is a dementia village in the Netherlands and has been designed as a pioneering care facility for those with dementia. The village has its own shop, hairdresser and restaurant and is staffed mainly by volunteers. Yvonne van Amerongen has travelled all over the world discussing the village and its success encouraging others to follow the lead.

Another of my favourite speakers was Professor Frank Gunn Moore who discussed the latest developments in dementia research, using light to repair synapses. Professor Moore also highlighted the success of Scottish research and the importance of it and of care homes involvement in research.

There were so many ideas that it will take some time to research them all and find what I can adapt to suit Roselea but I thoroughly enjoyed the day and have already made some changes based on information learned”.