Our Mission Statement

Susan Connell

Susan Connell

Care Director

Our aim is to support the residents in our care to enjoy, to the greatest extent, their rights as an individual by following these key principles:

We provide all of the residents in our care with a lockable space in their own room, support them to have private conversations in person and via telephone and also by arranging any meetings or discussions regarding their health and support in a private area with a high degree of confidentiality.

Residents in our care will be treated with utmost respect, we promote warm and trusting relationships between residents and staff and always support our residents to maintain their dignity.

As a company we strongly believe in a person-centred approach to care. We support our resident’s preferences and wishes and encourage them to be at the heart of planning their care and support. We cultivate an atmosphere where cultural diversity is welcomed. We believe in promoting independence and positive risk taking.

We aim to support residents to feel safe and secure by eliminating any dangers such as trip risks. Carrying out all the necessary risk assessments in relation to the environment, equipment used and the activities of the residents. All employees have background checks through the PVG system.