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When the Lifestyle Programme was set up at the beginning of 2011 Kingdom Homes were addressing the fact that the types of activities previously being offered to residents didn't cater for all tastes.  We asked residents what hobbies and pastimes they had previously enjoyed or what new hobbies or interests they would like to take part in.

One of the first Clubs to be up and running - The Car Club.

And so, the Residents Clubs evolved. Some clubs meet in one location, usually one of our own Care Homes, with members transported there by the company's minibus. An added benefit of visiting other care homes in the group is that new friendships may develop with people with a common interest.

Other Clubs, where demand is greater, take place in all of our care homes. Below are just some of the Clubs that have been set up so far.

Our residents always enjoy having guest speakers or demonstrations at our Clubs so if you would like to offer your expertise at any of the Clubs below please contact Paula Paterson, Lifestyle Co-ordinator on 01592 659814 or